FeeldZz has created an arbitration assistance tool for people with disabilities.

The Feeld product makes it possible to report any event that the referee wishes during a sporting event (race start, start of match, fouls, hits, corner, end of match, …). Feeld is a combination of 3 products.


The receiver is an ergonomic case that is placed in the back. This case is composed of various electronic components allowing to have a range of 4 hours, to vibrate, to be resistant to water and mud. This box captures the signal emitted by the transmitter (see transmitter) and the box starts to vibrate. The athlete knows that the referee or coach wishes to signal an event. By its ergonomics, the receiver has a comfort not entailing any discomfort in the physical practice and no risk in the event of fall on the back. Its minimal dimensions allow it to cause no discomfort.


The receiver is placed in a strap system. These straps are adjustables, maintain body temperature, they evacuate your sweat and allow ample movement for the pleasure of playing.


The transmitter is a remote control with a push button. When the referee or coach presses this button, all the transmitters that are used at that moment receive the information that the referee or coach signals an event. Thus, all the receivers start to vibrate and the players are aware of the event reported. The remote control is hand-held using a wrist strap so that it can not be dropped to the floor unintentionally.