Easier to practice for players and referees



A better coaching during training



FeeldZz allows more fluid sporting events

FeeldZz aims to create a product bringing comfort and help in the referee in the field of Handisport. Through innovation, ergonomics and knowledge in the field of sport, FeeldZz represents today the best solution for a more fluid arbitration, more integrity and more secure for the players as for the referee.


Benefits physical activities

Physical benefits:

Improved balance

Increase and maintain autonomy

Development of physical and muscular abilities

Improved fitness and lifestyle

The psychological benefits:

Promoting physical and mental well-being

Promoting self-fulfillment and self-displacement

Exceeding his disability

Reduced stress, anxiety and anxiety

Improved self-esteem Social benefits:

Reconstruction of his social circle

Fight social isolation

Better insertion in a group and in society

Development of a better quality of life

To find a vision of capability in the eyes of his family and society